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Introducing a new generation of hobbyists to serial collecting.Introducing a new generation of hobbyists to serial collecting.
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Not enough of Todd for you this month? Well, he's adding a new Serial Blog which will update more frequently - so click the link below to visit and be sure to bookmark it! And of course his new Movie Blog deals with more current films - find out what Todd thinks about the latest releases.

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Serial of the Month: Government Agents vs Phantom Legion

Now that the Oscars are over the theaters can get back to showing fun and exciting films instead of a conglomeration of films they don’t think will do well mixed with Oscar contenders. I am sure there are those of you who would disagree with that sentiment, but since films like Jack the Giant Killer […]


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Scarlet Avenger Serial

A well-made and affectionate homage to cliffhanging serials with a little campy humor thrown in.

Scarlet Avenger: Chapter 2 | Scarlet Avenger: Chapter 3

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