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"Perils of the Royal Mounted"; Columbia, 1942

George Chesebro, like so many henchmen, got his start as a hero in serials. He was Ruth Roland's leading man in Pathe's "Hands Up" (1918). As Chesebro grew into maturity he switch sides and became one of the great henchmen of the sound era.

His first henchman roles were in Mascot's "Law of the Wild" (1934), and "The Miracle Rider" (1935). Republic featured Chesebro in several serials,"Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island" (1936), "SOS Coastguard" (1937), and "Daredevils of the Red Circle" (1939).

But it is at Columbia where Chesebro did most of his onscreen villainy. He appeared in "The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock" (1938), "Flying G-Men" (1939), "Mandrake the Magician" (1939), "Perils of the Royal Mounted" (1942), "The Valley of the Vanishing Men" (1942), and "The Vigilante" (1947).

Chesebro was also a familar face in B-Westerns. He performed in "Trigger Men" (1941), "Devil Riders" (1944), Fighting Vigilantes" (1947), and "Check Your Guns" (1948), to name a few.

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