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"G-men never forget"; Republic, 1948

Ramsay Ames was a professional singer that became a contract player at Universal in the mid-forties. After appearing in a few films, like Lon Chaney', Jr.'s initial Inner Sanctum film, "Calling Dr. Death" (1943) and "The Mummy's Ghost" (1944), Ames was dropped from the company's roster. Having now aquired some film experience, the aspiring star moved into freelance work and began appearing in serials.

Her first serial appearance was a small role in Republic's "The Black Widow" (1947), as a scientist who is kidnapped and impersonated by the title character. She then quickly moved up to heroine status that same year at Columbia, playing a rodeo star who becomes embroiled in a pearl smuggling scheme and is constantly rescued from harm by "The Vigilante" (1947).

Ames last serial was at Republic. "G-Men Never Forget" (1948) cast her as a police officer working with federal agent Clayton Moore as they chased after an escaped crime lord.

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