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"The Black Widow"; Republic, 1947.

Through the forties and fifties, I. Stanford Jolley was a popular henchman at Republic and Columbia. He easily bounced back and forth between playing minor characters and more prominant roles. He also made many small, unbilled appearances, so a complete list of his serial roles is difficult to compile.

Some of his high lights at Columbia include; "The Phantom" (1943), "The Desert Hawk" (1944), "Jungle Raiders" (1945), "Son of the Guardsman" (1946), "Congo Bill" (1948), "Tex Granger" (1948), "Pirates of the High Seas" (1950), "Captain Video" (1951), and "The Lost Planet" (1953).

Republic would use Jolley in "The Crimson Ghost" (1946), "Daughter of Don Q" (1946), "The Black Widow" (1947), "Dangers of the Canadian Mounties" (1948), "Ghost of Zorro" (1949), "King of the Rocket Men" (1949), "Desperadoes of the West" (1950), "Don Daredevil Rides Again" (1951), and Man With the Steel Whip" (1954).

Jolley's feature film appearances include "Trail of the Silver Spurs" (1941), "Black Dragons" (1942), "The Black Raven" (1943), "Frontier Fugitives" (1945), "Check Your Guns" (1948), "The Violent Years" (1956), and "The Rebel Set" (1959).

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