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"Mysterious Mr. M"; Universal, 1946

Through the mid to late forties Pamela Blake worked for all three serial producing companies. Her first serial appearance was as an insurance investigator helping look for a missing diamond in Columbia’s adaptation of the radio program “Chick Carter, Detective”(1946). Her next role has the honor of being the last heroine for Universal as they stopped serial production after “Mysterious Mr. M” (1946) where she played another insurance investigator helping to unmask an unknown criminal trying to steal plans for a new super submarine the government needs.

Returning to Columbia, Blake searched for buried treasure with the help of Serial King Buster Crabbe in another adaptation of a radio show, “The Sea Hound” (1947). Her final serial was for Republic. She played the owner of a telegraph company fighting a group of outlaws with help from the “Ghost of Zorro” (1949).

Her feature film work includes the East Side Kids romp “Kid Dynamite” (1943), “Hat Box Mystery” (1947), “Case of the Baby Sitter” (1947), “Son of God’s Country” (1948), “Highway 13” (1948), “Sky Liner” (1949), and “Border Rangers” (1950).

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