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"Drums of Fu Manchu"; Republic, 1940

Like many actors in Hollywood, Robert Kellard bounced back and forth from starring roles in low budget films like “Time Out For Murder” (1938) and “Gentleman From Dixie” (1941), and supporting roles in big budget films like “Shadow of The Thin Man” (1941) and “Gilda” (1946). In between he found the time to make four serials.

Although third billed, he was ostensibly the hero in Republic’s adaptation of Sax Rohmer’s “Drums Of Fu Manchu” (1940). He followed this by playing Alan “Rocky” Lane’s side kick in the Zane Grey comic strip based “King Of The Royal Mounted” (1940). A quick trip over to Columbia found him back in Mountie garb and billed as Robert Stevens in “Perils Of The Royal Mounted” (1942). Six years later Kellard was back at Columbia under his old name and starring in a comic book adaptation of “Tex Granger” (1948)

Some of Kellard’s other film work includes “Second Honeymoon” (1937), “Island In The Sky” (1938), “Phantom Of Chinatown” (1940), and “Bride Of Vengeance” (1949).

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