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"Zombies of the Stratosphere"; Republic, 1952

Aline Towne was Republic’s last reigning serial queen. Starting in 1950, she was in on hunting down “The Invisible Monster” (1950), then helped future “Gunsmoke” star Ken Curtis foil a band of land grabbers in “Don Daredevil Rides Again” (1951). Next came the two serials she is most famous for; playing the assistant of Commando Cody trying to prevent the invasion of “Radar Men From The Moon” (1952), and trying to prevent Martians from blowing up the Earth in “Zombies Of The Stratosphere” (1952). Her final serial had her giving able assistance to “Trader Tom Of The China Seas” (1954) in stopping a group of Commie spies operating along the coast of the fictional country Bumatra.

While starring in serials, Towne was also starring in features like “The Vanishing Westerner” (1950), “Rough Riders of Durango” (1951), and “The Steel Trap” (1952). She reprised her role of secretary for “Commando Cody, Sky Marshall Of The Universe” television program that also played as a serial in theaters. Towne then moved to being a supporting actress. She appeared in such diverse projects as the sci-fi mystery “Gog” (1954), thrillers like “Julie” (1956), and comedies like “Send Me No Flowers” (1964) and “A Guide For The Married Man” (1967).

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