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"Radar Patrol vs. Spy King"; Republic, 1950.

Jean Dean spent nearly a decade in film without really getting higher than minor supporting player. A quick look at her resume shows that she played a native in the Jungle Jim adventure “Voodoo Tiger” (1952), a student and a WAC in the Bowery Boy comedies “Hold That Line” (1952) and “Clipped Wings” (1953), a secretary in Jack Webb’s feature version of his hit TV show “Dragnet” (1954), one of the scientists killed by the homicidal robots in “Gog” (1954), and the young stepmother to a wild teen in AIP’s “Blood of Dracula” (1957), a remake of their popular “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” (1957).

Sadly, she only got one chance to show she could carry a film, Republic’s “Radar Patrol vs. Spy King” (1950). Dean did an admirable job in the serial, playing a radar specialist building a ring of radar stations around the US. border to prevent subversives sneaking in to the country, but it just wasn’t enough to springboard her into bigger roles or films.

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