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"Cody of the Pony Express"; Columbia, 1950.

A serial regular at Columbia, big, burly Rusty Wescoatt menaced countless heroes for six years. Starting with “The Sea Hound” (1947), Wescoatt got brutally roughed up continually by smaller adversaries in eleven serials that included “Congo Bill” (1948), “Superman” (1948), “Batman and Robin” (1949), “Cody of the Pony Express” (1950, “Atom Man vs. Superman” (1950), “Pirates of the High Seas” (1950), “Captain Video” (1951), “Mysterious Island” (1951), “Roar of the Iron Horse” (1951), and “King of the Congo” (1952).

After his time in the world of comic bookish cliffhanger adventures Wescoatt continued his acting career in low budget films like “Tarantula” (1955), and TV. Probably his most recognizable post serial role was a semi-regular stint on the TV show “Perry Mason” as the slightly crafty, but mostly dim witted Mason nemesis Sgt. Holcomb.

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