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"The Mummy's Curse"; Universal, 1944

Starting out as a bit player in such films as Errol Flynn's World War II drama "Edge of Darkness" (1943). Her first serial was universal's western "Raiders of Ghost City" (1944) as a German countess who conspired with Lionel Atwill to steal gold so Germany can purchase Alaska from Russia. That same year she played her most famous film role, that of the reanimated Princess Ananka being chased by the mummy Kharis in "The Mummy's Curse" (1944).

Her second and last serial was Universal's "The Scarlet horseman" (1946) as a senator's daughter blackmailing the Texas state's representatives to form her own country from what appears to be useless plains. From there she became a much in demand character actress in such films as "House of Horrors" (1946), "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956), the Norman Vincent Peale film biography "One man's Way" (1963), and "Billy the Kid Versus Dracula" (1966).

Most people today know her as Mrs. Olson, the kindly bed and breakfast owner who always served Folgers Coffee in a series of TV ads, a role she played for over twenty years.

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