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Lola Lane

Lola Lane came into film via the stage. After studying for two years at a music conservatory, she went on the Vaudville circuit, working her way up to Broadway. It was her appearance opposite George Jessel in War Song that lead to Fox signing her 1929.

After her film debut in Speakeasy (1929) Lane appeared in low budget films for her home studio and was loaned out to other low budget companies. Her films during this time were Woman Condemned (1933), Death From a Distance (1936), and Marked Woman (1937). During this period Fox loaned her to Mascot for Lane's only serial, being helped by Jack Mulhall to save her transportation company in Burn 'Em Up Barnes (1934).

After toiling in low budget obscurity, Lane finally had a hit A film series at Warner Brothers, where she made three films with her sisters Priscilla and Rosemary; Four Daughters (1938), Four Wives (1939), and Four Mothers (1941). When the series ended, Lane went back to low budget films for few more years before calling it quits with Deadline at Dawn (1946) and retired from film.

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