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"The Sea Hand"; Columbia, 1947

What is this thing we have about not accepting child actors once they grow up. For every one like Dean Stockwell or Roddy McDowell, who sustain a career throughout their entire life, we have dozens like Ralph Hodges who work steadily until they reach a certain age and then just fall off the map.

Hodges got his big break in film playing the younger brother of the main character in the melodrama Nearly 18 (1943). He worked steadily as a minor character in such films as the Sinatra vehicle It Happened in Brooklyn (1947), the original Cheaper By the Dozen (1950), and the war time drama A Yank in Korea (1951).

His serial career was entirely at Columbia. He played Buster Crabbe's teenage sidekick in The Sea Hound (1947), appeared briefly as a teenage Clark Kent in Superman (1948), aided Tom Neal in Bruce Gentry (1949), and ended his time with serials helping Richard Crane03 evade the dangers of Mysterious Island (1951).

After appearing in A Millionaire for Christy (1951), Hodges disappeared from films.

(Special note to MST3K fans-Hodges played the teenage son in episode 602's short A Date With Your Family)

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