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"Pirates of the High Seas"; Columbia, 1950

Terry Frost once came spitting distance to being a leading man. After toiling for years in B-westerns as various henchmen in films like Cyclone on Horseback (1941) and Rustler's Hideout (1944), Frost was cast as the lead in the gangster film Dillinger (1945). Unfortunately production was held up while the Hays office kept demanding script changes. When it was finally ready to go before the cameras, Frost had been replace by Lawrence Tierney.

While he may have missed out on becoming a star, Frost enjoyed a long career in film, becoming one of the hardest working men in B-westerns and serials. Frost's career spanned almost twenty years on the sagebrush trail; appearing in Moon Over Montana (1946), Dead Man's Gold (1948), Stage to Blue River (1951), The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953), Utah Blaine (1957), and The Wild Westerner (1962).

During that time he also become one of the Katzman gang, playing henchmen in Columbia serials. Starting with Hop Harrigan (1946) Frost went on to make Tex Granger (1948), Superman (1948), Atom Man vs. Superman (1950), Pirates of the High Seas (1950), Mysterious Island (1951), The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd (1953), Gunfighters of the Northwest (1954), and The Adventures of Captain Africa (1955). His final serial was at Republic, and was also their last serial King of the Carnival (1955).

During these busy years, Frost also found the time and energy to work in TV, appearing on every western program from Gene Autry to Gunsmoke. After retiring from film, Frost enjoyed the relaxation of his golden years by splitting his time between running a successful coffee shop in LA and appearing at western conventions to talk about his experiences making those beloved westerns and serials. When did this guy find the time to sleep?

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