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"The Lightning Warrior"; Mascot, 1931

p>Many would-be starlets are always waiting for that big break. Some never get it, some get it and go on to long and profitable careers, and some get it but for some reason it becomes very short lived. Georgia Hale falls into the last category. A trained dancer, she was pulled from the chorus line by Charlie Chaplin to star with him in Gold Rush (1925). So taken with her Chaplin starred her in her own movie The Salvation Hunters (1925), a critical and finacial disappointment.

Hale spent the rest of the silent era taking co-staring or secondary roles in films like The Great Gatsby (1926), The Rainmaker (1926), The Wheel of Destiny (1928), and Gypsy of the North (1928). Her last feature film was co-starring with another film legend, Hoot Gibson in The Rawhide Kid (1928).

Now here is a bit of irony. Chaplin screen tested Hale with the thought of replacing the inexperienced Virginia Cherrill in City Lights (1931), but decided not to due to the large amount of reshooting it would involve. But Hale was then hired by Mascot to replace the troublesome Edwinna Booth in their Rin-Tin-Tin serial The Lightning Warrior (1931). This would prove to be her final film, though legend has it that while she wasn't working Chaplin still kept her on his payroll until 1953 as he had done with Edna Purviance. Hale wrote the biography Charlie Chaplin: Intimate Closeups, which was published posthumously.

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