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"The Vanishing Shadow"; Universal, 1934

Ada Williams was a young starlet at Fox in the late twenties, appearing in films like The Campus Vamp (1928), Joy Street (1929), and Common Clay (1930). After getting married she changed her screen name to her husband's, becoming Ada Ince.

The thirties represented a slight step down for the actress, who was no longer at Fox. Universal cast her in their serial The Vanishing Shadow (1934), playing villain Walter Miller's daughter, who is helping hero Onslow Stevens clear himself from a frame up by Miller, one of those "true love conquers all" kind of things.

The rest of the thirties found Ince appearing in small roles in such films as The Fighting Rookie (1934) and Stolen Harmony (1935), while staring in B-westerns like Frontier Days (1934) and Rainbow's End (1935).

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