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"Perils of Nyoka"; Republic, 1942

Former Powers model Kay Aldridge got her big break when original "Nyoka" Francis Gifford turned down the follow up to "Jungle Girl"(1941), "The Perils of Nyoka"(1942). Cast in the lead Aldridge helped co-star Clayton Moore find the lost treasure of Hippocrates, keep the evil Vultura from stealing it, and discover what happened to her father who's been missing for several years.

So successful was her debut that Republic billed her as the "Reigning Serial Queen" and teamed her with their "Reigning Serial King", Allan "Rocky" Lane in a serial now considered to be lost, except for four episodes, "Daredevils of the West" (1943). They fight to complete a stage line on land coveted by villain Robert Frazer.

Her last serial was "Haunted Harbor" (1944), where she helped star Kane Richmond investigate a sea monster and clear his name of murder. Aldridge then abdicated her throne to up and coming Linda Stirling when she got married and decided on a quieter off camera life. Although she never completely quit acting and would appear occasionally in a film like "Phantom of 42nd Street" (1945) with Dave O'Brian.

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