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"The Phantom Rider"; Republic, 1945

Aside from her serials Peggy Stewart is mostly known for her westerns with Sunset Carson, "Rough Riders of Cheyenne" (1945), and Allan "Rocky" Lane, "Vigilantes of Boom Town" (1946).

Her first serial was Republic's "The Phantom Rider" (1945) as a school teacher who helps a mystery hero protecting a tribe of Indians from an unscrupulous land grabber. Her next serial she played a postmistress who helps a mystery hero fight a corrupt sheriff and judge bleeding a town dry in "Son of Zorro" (1947).

Feeling she was typecast as a western actress Stewart left Republic for Columbia where she was promptly cast in a western serial, "Tex Granger" (1948), as a heroine who, once again, helps a mystery hero, the Masked Rider of the Plains, fight another unscrupulous land grabber. Her last serial had her cast as the daughter of a pony express relay station owner helping to fight a band of outlaws in "Cody of the Pony Express" (1950).

Feeling typecast again she left Columbia to go freelance where she made poverty row westerns like "The Black Lash" (1953) with Lash Larue.

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