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"Adventures of Captain Marvel"; Republic, 1941

Billed as the "Katherine Hepburn of Monogram" by Sam Katzman, Louise Currie started her career at PRC appearing in "Billy the Kid Outlawed" (1940) and "Billy the Kid's Gun Justice" (1940) with Larry "Buster" Crabbe. Her first serial was Republic's "The Adventures of Captain Marvel" (1941). She helped Billy Batson and his super powered alter ego to keep the Scorpion from completing his deadly Scorpion Atom Smasher.

Currie's next serial was the WWII oriented "The Masked Marvel" (1943). The spunky Currie worked with five investigators, one of them sometimes disguises himself as the Masked Marvel, to stop the sabotage attempts of Japanese spy Sakima.

It was at this point that Currie began working at Monogram. among her films were "The Ape Man" (1943), "Voodoo Man" (1944); both with Bela Lugosi, and the Charlie Chan mystery "The Chinese Ring" (1947) with Roland Winters as the inscrutable detective. As the forties closed Currie retired from films to devote more time to her family.

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