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"Spell of the Circus"; Universal, 1930

Alberta Vaughn joins the ranks of so many silent film stars that made the transition to talkies only to fade away by the mid thirties. During the twenties she was a popular silent screen star with films like A Friendly Husband (1923) and The Adorable Deceiver (1926). Her peak of popularity came with the Mazie series of comedy shorts, she made twelve in two years, with titles like Amazing Mazie (1925) and Mazie Won't Tell (1925). The series ended the same way Paramount ended their Bulldog Drummond mystery series in the thirties, with Mazie's Married (1926).

With the coming of sound Vaughn moved into the talkies with the Universal serial Spell of the Circus (1931), fighting off the advances of Tom London who wants control of her father's circus. After this she became, for a short time, a popular leading lady in low budget westerns like Wild Horse (1931) with Hoot Gibson and Randy Rides Alone (1934) with John Wayne. Other films in this period included Daring Danger (1932) Dance Hall Hostess (1933) and The Live Wire (1935) which starred ace stuntman/star Richard Talmadge. Her final film was The Laramie Kid (1935).

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