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Eleanor Hansen had a very short lived and not very successful film career in the late thirties/ early forties, an almost nonexistent blip on the pop cultural landscape. Most of her film appearances were uncredited bit parts.

Her only substantial roles in feature films were supporting parts in The Crimes of Dr. Hallet (1938) and Mad Miss Manton (1938). Her other film work consisted of blink and you miss it appearances in Little Tough Guy (1938), Twelve Crowded Hours (1939), Swannee River (1939) and Blondie Goes to College (1942).

Her one staring role was in Universal's Johnny Mack Brown serial extravaganza, Flaming Frontiers (1938). She played the sister of Mack Brown's best friend who has discovered a gold mine. Mack Brown has to keep sleazy James Blaine from pressuring Hansen into marriage in order to get the mine, as well as stop Charles Middleton from taking the pragmatic method of simply whacking everybody and taking over like a frontier version of Tony Soprano.

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