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"Jungle Jim"; Universal, 1937

Henry Brandon was one of the truly great unsung character actors of the golden age of Hollywood. his first serial was universal's "Jungle Jim" (1937) as the sinister Cobra who held power over a native tribe by befriending their sacred white goddess.

That same year Brandon portrayed a big city mobster who is revealed to be an international jewel thief called Brenda in "Secret Agent X-9" (1937), based on the comic strip created by Dashiell Hammett. Two years later he was cast in another comic strip adaptation "Buck Rogers" (1939)as Killer kane's right hand man, Laska, who tried to keep Buck and his friends from enlisting the aid of Saturn in their fight for freedom.

1940 gave Brandon his most famous role. Republic cast him as Sax Rhomer's fiendish oriental mastermind in "Drums of Fu Manchu" (1940). He sneered and scowled his way through fifteen chapters of attempts to gain possession of the mythical sceptor of Ghengis Khan so that the himalayan hill people will recognize him as their leader for his plan of world conquest. Brandon was scheduled to play the title role in "Mysterious Doctor Satan" (1940) but a prior commitment prevented him from accepting the part.

During the fifties Brandon split his time between TV and film. He appeared on shows like "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" and "The Outer Limits". His film work included "The Searchers" (1956), "The land Unknown" (1957), "Auntie Mame" (1958).

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