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Anthony Warde, Promotional Still.

One of the hardest working henchmen in serials. His first appearance was as a minor minion of Ming the Merciless in Universal's "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars" (1938). The next year he was the head villain Killer Kane, gangster ruler of the earth in Universal's adaptation of "Buck Rogers" (1939).

The forties saw him play the spearhead heavy, or head henchman, at all three studios. Columbia featured him in "The Spider Returns" (1941). Universal had him battling future Gunsmoke star Milburn Stone in "The great Alaskan Mystery" (1944).

But it was at Republic that he spent most of his time bothering heroes in "King of the Mounties" (1942), "The Masked Marvel"(1943), "King of the Forest Rangers" (1946), "The Black Widow" (1947), "Dangers of the Canadian Mounted" (1948), and "Radar patrol vs. Spy King" (1950).

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