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"The Miracle Rider", Mascot , 1935

Kortman was one of the most recognizable of serial henchman, thanks to his lean, skeletal features. He made things tough for the heroes at Macot Studios in "The Lone Defender" (1930), "Last of the Mohicans" (1932), "Mystery Mountain" (1934), and "The Miracle Rider" (1935). Stage and Screen used his talents to good effect in "The Clutching Hand" (1936).

Universal kept Kortman busy in "Secret Agent X-9" (1937), "Wild West Days" (1937), and "The Green Hornet Strikes Again" (1940). Kortman's most prolific serial work was at Republic, in "The Vigilantes Are Coming" (1936), "Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island" (1936), "Zorro Rides Again" (1937), and "Adventures of Red Ryder" (1940).

He was also in countless B-Westerns like "Terror Trail" (1933), The Ranger Steps In" (1937), "Fugitive Valley" (1941), and "Guns of the Law" (1944). Kortman's most unusual film work was in the horror classic "Island of Lost Souls" (1932).

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